HuMo-genealogy software (since 1999)

It's possible to create your own genealogical website using HuMo-genealogy. There are 2 possibilities to do this:
1) Use your own genealogical program (like: Haza-data, Aldfaer, Pro-gen, BK, etc) and export a gedcom file. Import this file in HuMo-genealogy.
2) Use HuMo-genealogy as your online genealogical program.

There are several programs to generate HTML/ PHP files using a genealogical gedcom file.
You can use an genealogical program to generate the gedcom files.
I made a program myself, because i didn't like the output of the existing programs. I also had some problems generating the HTML files: missing professions and texts.

HuMo-genealogy is developed since december 1999 (first in Quick Basic, and Delphi), and since juli 2005 availably as opensource PHP version. Several users are now active in developing HuMo-genealogy!

Huub Mons,

Why use HuMo-genealogy?

  • HuMo-genealogy is free genealogy software! The program is made by hobbiysts who are using the program themself. 
  • You install HuMo-genealogy at your own website!
  • You can add extra pages to HuMo-genealogy website! The pages you see now are also added to this HuMo-genealogy demo website!
  • You have 100% full control over your own family tree!
  • You decide who have access to the family tree! It's possible to give only access to family members.
  • You control all user group settings! Access settings for pictures, texts, sources etc.
  • You decide if the family tree can be indexed by search engines!
  • It's possible to use a cloud service, connect your HuMo-genealogy website to:

HuMo-genealogy features

  • Import gedcom files from all major genealogy programs.
  • Translate ASCII, ANSI or ANSEL characters!
  • Filter living persons!
  • Show ALL professions and alias.
  • Show ALL persons and mariages AND texts (optional).
  • Show living places, religions and pictures (optional!).
  • Choose for dutch, english and german language.
  • Show sources (optional).
  • Show complete FAMILIES and SINGLE PERSONS!
  • Change layout using CSS (STYLE SHEET) and PHP files!
  • HuMo-genealogy is updated regularly, any remarks are welcome!