woman‎Joana Maria Valentina Lambrino‏‎, daughter of Constantine Lambrino and Euphrosine Alcaz‏.
Born ‎3 Oct 1898 Roman,Romania, died ‎11 Mar 1953 Paris,France‎, age 54 years

Married ‎31 Aug 1918 Odessa, age 19 years
Divorced from:

manCarol II Hohenzollern‏, age by marriage 24 years, son of Ferdinand I of Hohenzollern- Sigmaringen Hohenzollern and Marie of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha‏.
Born ‎15 Oct 1893 Castle Pelesch,Sinaia,Romania, died ‎4 Apr 1953 Villa Mar y Sol,Estoril,Portugal‎, age 59 years, ‎1st marriage (divorced) to: Joana Maria Valentina Lambrino, 2nd marriage (divorced) to: Helen of Greece, 3rd marriage to: Elena (Magda) Lupescu
man‎Son Hohenzollern‏‎