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man Hanover, Adolphus of Cambridge & Augusta of Hesse-Cassel* ‎1774† ‎1850
woman Hanover, Alexandra & Frederick Francis IV of Mecklenburg* ‎1882† ‎1963
woman Hanover, Alexandra & Andreas of Leiningen* ‎1959
man Hanover, Alfred* ‎22 Sep 1780* Windsor Castle,Windsor,Berkshire,England† ‎20 Aug 1783† Windsor Castle,Windsor,Berkshire,England
woman Hanover, Amelia* ‎7 Aug 1783* Royal Lodge,Windsor,Berkshire,England† ‎2 Nov 1810† Augusta Lodge,Windsor,Berkshire,England
woman Hanover, Amelia Sophia Eleanor* ‎10 Jul 1711* Herrenhausen† ‎31 Oct 1786† Cavendish Square,,London,England
woman Hanover, Anne & William IV of Orange* ‎2 Nov 1709* Herrenhausen† ‎12 Jan 1759† The Hague
woman Hanover, Augusta & Charles of Brunswick- Wolfenbuttel* ‎12 Aug 1737* St. James Palace,London,England† ‎23 Mar 1813† London, England
woman Hanover, Augusta Sophia* ‎8 Nov 1768* Buckingham House† ‎22 Sep 1840† Clarence House,St. James
man Hanover, Augustus Frederick* ‎27 Jan 1773* Buckingham House† ‎21 Apr 1843† Kensington Palac
woman Hanover, Caroline Elizabeth* ‎21 Jun 1713* Herrenhausen† ‎28 Dec 1757† St. James Palace, England
woman Hanover, Caroline Louise* ‎1965
woman Hanover, Caroline Matilda X Christian VII* ‎22 Jul 1751* Leicester House† ‎10 May 1775† Celle
woman Hanover, Charlotte Augusta X Leopold I George of Saxe-Coburg* ‎7 Jan 1796* Carlton House† ‎6 Nov 1817† Claremont House,Esher,Surrey,England
woman Hanover, Charlotte Augusta Louisa* ‎1819† ‎27 Mar 1819† Furstenhof,Hanover
woman Hanover, Charlotte Augusta Matilda X Frederick I of Wurttemberg* ‎29 Sep 1766* Buckingham House,St. James Park,London,England† ‎6 Oct 1828† Ludwigsburg
man Hanover, Christian* ‎1885† ‎1901
man Hanover, Christian X Mireille Dutry* ‎1919† ‎1981
man Hanover, Christian Heinrich* ‎1985
man Hanover, Edward Augustus X Victoria Mary Louisa* ‎2 Nov 1767* Buckingham House,,London,England† ‎23 Jan 1820† Sidmouth,Devon,,England
man Hanover, Edward Augustus* ‎25 Mar 1739* Norfolk House† ‎17 Sep 1767† Monaco
man Hanover, Edward Henry of Gloucester & Maria of Waldegrave Walpole* ‎25 Nov 1743* Leicester House† ‎25 Aug 1805† Gloucester House
woman Hanover, Elizabeth X Frederick VI of Hesse-Homburg* ‎22 May 1770* Buckingham House† ‎10 Jan 1840† Frankfurt,-am-Main
woman Hanover, Elizabeth Caroline* ‎10 Jan 1741† ‎4 Sep 1759† Kew Palace
woman Hanover, Elizabeth Georgiana Adelaide* ‎10 Dec 1820* St. James Palace† ‎4 Mar 1821† St. James Palace
man Hanover, Ernest Augustus* ‎1983
man Hanover, Ernest Augustus I X Frederica of Mecklenburg- Strelitz* ‎5 Jun 1771* Buckingham House,London,England† ‎18 Nov 1851† Herrenhausen
man Hanover, Ernest Augustus of Brunswick X Victoria Louise of Prussia* ‎1887† ‎1953
man Hanover, Ernest Augustus of Cumberland & Thyra of Denmark* ‎1845† ‎1923
man Hanover, Ernest Augustus of Hanover & Ortrud of Schleswig- Holstein* ‎1914† ‎1987

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