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man Tudor, Arthur X Catherine of Aragon* ‎20 Sep 1486* St. Swithin's,Priory,Winchester,England† ‎2 Apr 1502† Ludlow Castle
woman Tudor, Daughter* ‎31 Jan 1510† ‎31 Jan 1510
woman Tudor, Daughter* ‎10 Nov 1518† ‎10 Nov 1518
man Tudor, Edmund* ‎21 Feb 1499* Greenwich,Palace,England† ‎19 Jun 1500† Bishops Hatfield,Herts,England
man Tudor, Edmund & Margaret of Richmond Beaufort* ‎± 1430† ‎1456
man Tudor, Edward VI* ‎12 Oct 1537* Hampton Court,Palace,England† ‎6 Jul 1553† Greenwich,Palace,England
woman Tudor, Elizabeth* ‎2 Jul 1492† ‎14 Sep 1495† Eltham Palace,,England
woman Tudor, Elizabeth I* ‎7 Sep 1533* Greenwich Palace,London,England† ‎23 Mar 1603† Richmond Palace,London,England
man Tudor, Henry (1)* ‎1 Jan 1511* Richmond Palace,,England† ‎22 Feb 1511† Richmond Palace,,England
man Tudor, Henry (2)* ‎Nov 1513* Richmond Palace,,England† ‎Nov 1513† Richmond Palace,,England
man Tudor, Henry VII X Elizabeth of York* ‎28 Jan 1457* Pembroke Castle,Pembrokeshire,England† ‎21 Apr 1509† Richmond Palace,Richmond Surrey,England
man Tudor, Henry VIII 1st X Catherine of Aragon, 2nd X Anne Boleyn, 3rd X Jane Seymour, 4th X Anne of Cleves, 5th X Catherine Howard, 6th X Catherine Parr* ‎28 Jun 1491* Greenwich Palace, England† ‎28 Jan 1547† Whitehall,London,England
man Tudor, Jasper & Catherine Woodville† ‎1495/1496
woman Tudor, Katherine* ‎2 Feb 1503* Tower of London,,England† ‎1503† England
man Tudor, Maredudd (Meredith) & N.N.
woman Tudor, Margaret 1st X James IV, 2nd X Archibald Douglas, 3rd X Henry Stewart* ‎28 Nov 1489* Westminster,Palace,London,England† ‎18 Oct 1541† Methven Castle
woman Tudor, Mary 1st X Louis XII, 2nd X Charles Brandon* ‎18 Mar 1496* Richmond Palace,,England† ‎25 Jun 1533† Westhorpe,Suffolk,England
woman Tudor, Mary I X Philip II* ‎18 Feb 1516* Greenwich Palace,London,England† ‎17 Nov 1558† St. James Palace, England
man Tudor, Owen & Catherine of Valois† ‎1461
man Tudor, Son* ‎Dec 1514† ‎Dec 1514
man Tudor, Son* ‎29 Jan 1536* Greenwich,,England† ‎29 Jan 1536† Greenwich,,England

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