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woman Windsor, Alexandra X Angus Ogilvy* ‎25 Dec 1936
man Windsor, Andrew Albert Christian X Sarah Margaret Ferguson* ‎19 Feb 1960* Belgian Suite,Buckingham,Palace,England
woman Windsor, Anne Elizabeth Alice X Mark Anthony Peter Phillips* ‎15 Aug 1950* Clarence House,St. James,,England
woman Windsor, Beatrice Elizabeth Mary* ‎8 Aug 1988* Portland Hosp.,,England
man Windsor, Charles Philip Arthur X Diana Frances Spencer* ‎14 Nov 1948* Buckingham,Palace,London,England
woman Windsor, Davina Elizabeth Alice* ‎19 Nov 1977~ Barnwell Church,,England
man Windsor, Edward Anthony Richard* ‎10 Mar 1964* Buckingham,Palace,London,England
man Windsor, Edward George Nicholas X Katharine Worsley* ‎9 Sep 1935* 3 Belgrave Sq., England
manphoto  Windsor, Edward VIII X Bessiewallis Warfield* ‎23 Jun 1894* White Lodge,Richmond Park,Surrey,England† ‎28 May 1972† Paris,,,France
woman Windsor, Elizabeth II Alexandra Mary X Philip Mountbatten* ‎21 Apr 1926* 17 Bruton St., London, W1, England
woman Windsor, Eugenie Victoria Helena* ‎23 Mar 1990* London, England
man Windsor, Frederick* ‎6 Apr 1979* St. Mary's Hosp.,Paddington,London,England
woman Windsor, Gabriella Marina Alexandra* ‎23 Apr 1981* England
man Windsor, George Edward Alexander X Marina of Greece* ‎20 Dec 1902* York Cottage,Sandringham,Norfolk,England† ‎25 Aug 1942† Morven,,,Scotland
man Windsor, George Philip of St. Andrews X Sylvana Tomaselli* ‎26 Jun 1962~ Buckingham,Palace,Music Room,England
manphoto  Windsor, George V X Mary of Teck (May)* ‎3 Jun 1865* Marlborough Hse,London,England† ‎20 Jan 1936† Sandringham,Norfolk,England
man Windsor, George VI X Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon* ‎14 Dec 1895* York Cottage,Sandringham,Norfolk,England† ‎6 Feb 1952† Sandringham,Norfolk,England
woman Windsor, Helen Marina Lucy* ‎28 Apr 1964~ Private Chapel,Windsor Castle,Berkshire,England
man Windsor, Henry Charles Albert* ‎15 Sep 1984* St. Mary's Hosp.,Paddington,London,England
man Windsor, Henry William Frederick X Alice Christabel Montagu-Douglas* ‎31 Mar 1900* York Cottage,Sandringham,Norfolk,England† ‎1974
man Windsor, John Charles Francis* ‎12 Jul 1905* York Cottage,Sandringham,Norfolk,England† ‎18 Jan 1919† Wood Farm,Wolferton,Norfolk,England
woman Windsor, Margaret Rose X Anthony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones* ‎21 Aug 1930* Glamis Castle,,Angus,Scotland
woman Windsor, Mary X Henry George Charles Lascelles* ‎25 Apr 1897* York Cottage,Sandringham,Norfolk,England† ‎28 Mar 1965† Harewood House,Yorkshire,,England
man Windsor, Michael X Marie-Christine von Reibnitz* ‎4 Jul 1942* Coppins,,England
man Windsor, Nicholas Charles Edward* ‎25 Jul 1970* Kings College,Hospital,Denmark Hill
man Windsor, Richard Alexander Walter X Birgitte of Denmark von Deurs* ‎26 Aug 1944* Hadley Common,Hertfordshire,England
woman Windsor, Rose Victoria Birgitte* ‎1 Mar 1980* St. Marys Hosp.,Paddington,England
man Windsor, William Arthur Philip* ‎21 Jun 1982* St. Mary's Hosp.,Paddington,London,England
man Windsor, William Henry Andrew* ‎18 Dec 1941* Hadley Common,Hertfordshire,England† ‎28 Aug 1972† Near,Wolverhampton,England

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